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Barbara Morris is a crusader on an anti-aging mission!

Barbara Morris
Speaker, Pharmacist, and Author
Put Old on Hold

This vibrant anti-aging expert—speaker, author, and working pharmacist—campaigns to overturn traditional thinking about “aging gracefully” in our society. A 81-year-old powerhouse, Barbara promotes controlling the aging process by Putting Old on Hold.

Barbara says that Putting Old on Hold has enormous personal, family, social, financial, and political value. Today, over 40,000 people in the U.S. are 100 years old. By 2050, 1 million people will be centenarians. Follow Barbara’s advice to Put Old on Hold and you can look forward to a youthful, dynamic, and fulfilling second life.

Put Old on Hold is grounded in common sense—and Barbara’s personal experience

Barbara Morris was the fifth of seven children in her family. When she was ten, her mother looked more like a grandmother. “She constantly complained that she didn’t feel well,” Barbara remembers. “I assumed that because she looked old and was always sick, she would die before I grew up. That possibility hung over my head like a ten-ton weight every day of my young life.”

Eventually, Barbara’s dread turned to anger and fortitude. She decided she would not grow old—ever. “This was no passing childhood fancy. I felt it from the core of my being, and I still feel it. I remember seeing a picture of a pretty, young woman in the Ladies Home Journal, and I decided that was how I always wanted to look. To this day, that picture is just as sharp and clear in my mind as when I was ten. It proved to me that having a compelling vision is extremely powerful.”

You have the POWER to stay youthful, vibrant, and healthy

Today, Barbara shares her vision, fortitude, humor, and advice through her book, Put Old on Hold, as well as at speaking engagements where her presentations receive long, resounding applause.

Credentials & Accomplishments (just so far!)

Graduate, Rutgers University College of Pharmacy

Continues to work as a retail pharmacist

Former first-runner-up Ms. Senior America

Profiled in the September 2000 issue of Life Extension magazine

Has a loving, supportive family: A daughter, two grandchildren, and her husband, a former college professor. He’s now in his second career as a pharmacist, and he maintains his love for research. (As a result, Barbara insists, “He’s the smartest man in the world.”) As expected, traditional retirement is not part of their life plan.

"You CAN control the aging process. It’s not a vain, silly, or frivolous pursuit. Putting Old on Hold is easy. I’ll show you how."

Imagine putting Old On Hold once and for all!

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Put Old on Hold wisdom:

“I’m on a personal exploration of the anti-aging odyssey. I’ve lived through this process. I know it works.”

— Barbara Morris