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June, 2008

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  • Joyce Shafer Wisdom: Are You an Innie or an Outie?
  • Mary Lloyd: Graduation! What's Next for You?
  • Links for June 2008
  • Will You Open Your Own New Joizy Hot Dawg Shop?
  • Have You Tried Olive Oil?
  • "Toilet to Tap" Drinking Water? A Stinky Idea
  • My Interview with Mary Lloyd
  • Do Men and Women Speak the Same Language?

  • Important Notice

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    Joyce Shafer Wisdom: Are You an Innie or an Outie?
    Joyce Shafer

    During a conversation with someone who wishes to move out of a lifetime of negative behaviors and beliefs, I realized as she spoke, that what it takes for her to feel better is for something outside of herself to improve or indicate a circumstance is getting better. Anyone even minimally familiar with the Law of Attraction is either shaking or nodding their head in understanding as they read this.

    Mary Lloyd: Graduation! What's Next for You?
    Mary Lloyd

    It's June. Let's talk about graduation. Not the one from school. The one that comes when you've met all the requirements to not have to go to work every day any more. We call it "retirement," but it is really a graduation-a new beginning.

    We need to look at it that way. Then the focus becomes "What am I going to do next?" instead of "I don't have to do this-and this and this-anymore." Moving TOWARD something is healthier emotionally, which helps sustain physical health. Besides, it's more fun.

    Links for June 2008

    Here are links I've found during May that you will find helpful. There's lots of interesting stuff -- take a look -- you never know what you will find that is useful and/or interesting. For example, were the Dove Real Beauty ads featuring older women doctored??

    Will You Open Your Own New Joizy Hot Dawg Shop?

    Have you ever witnessed first hand how quickly some people deteriorate after retirement? I have, and it's sad. A lot of it doesn't have to happen.

    I know that traditional retirement will always be a part of our culture, and it should be because not everyone can or wants to work forever. We are all different with different desires and abilities. Nevertheless, traditional retirement has become an anachronism and a financial albatross.

    Have You Tried Olive Oil?

    This was submitted by Aurelia Cardenas from Brentwood, CA: "I have dry skin and have been using Mark Kay products for about 20 years. Now they have stopped working for me so I decided to give something a try that my mother told me about many years ago. OLIVE OIL!!! It has done wonders for my skin! That 's all I use now, then some mineral powder and it makes me look great! I cleanse with Albolene at night, apply olive oil with a cotton ball and sleep. In the morning I rinse my face then olive oil again. No more flaky dry skin or wrinkles. I plan to live past my 100th birthday wrinkle free! I also drink my water, when I don't it shows! Hope this helps someone else."

    If you have found a product you like and think it will help others, please send it along to

    "Toilet to Tap" Drinking Water? A Stinky Idea

    In the links section you will find a press release, "Scientists warn of anti-bacterial environment risks" and it's one of the scariest things I've read in a while.

    In my opinion, instead of going nuts over global warming -- a bogeyman real scientists insist doesn't exist, we ought to be worrying about real man made health hazards that do exist right now.

    My Interview with Mary Lloyd

    If you are about 50 years of age or younger, now is the time to think about how you will spend the rest of your life after you "retire" in 15 years. Mary Lloyd (her column above) gives her best advice on how to make your "after work" years the best years of your life. Her thinking is motivating and definitely "outside the box". The recording is about 30 minutes and it's well worth your time. Just click on the "Listen" button.

    Do Men and Women Speak the Same Language?

    This Dictionary for Women's Personal Ads along with Men's English and Women's English has been just about every place on the Internet, but in case you haven't seen it, it's amusing and even helpful especially if you are looking for a significant other in personal ads.

    Dr. Platt Wins Ippy Award
    My favorite anti-aging physician, Dr. Michael E. Platt, board certified internist, bio-identical hormone expert, and author of the highly- praised The Miracle of Bio-Identical Hormones, has won the 2008 Independent Publishing Book Awards Outstanding Book of the Year Bronze Award for Most Progressive Health Book. This is Dr. Platt's fourth health book award this year.

    Learn More . . .

    Anti-aging Academy
    Anti-aging Academy
    I get so many requests for help and advice I that I have decided to offer personal, one-on-one anti-aging coaching for a limited number of clients. To learn more, please click on the link below.

    Learn More . . .

    About Your Editor

    Hi, I'm Barbara Morris. My subscribers know who I am but if you just stumbled across the newsletter, I'm the resident pharmacist, opinionated ageless diva and knower of all things dealing with aging. I'm Putting Old on Hold and if you stick with me, I'll help you do it too!

    Why This Newsletter?

    The purpose of this newsletter is to help mid-life and younger women understand that they have the power to manage their aging process. Even with unforeseen life events, women can determine 70 percent of the state of their mental and physical condition 25 or more years into the future. It's all about developing a vision, and having the will to plan and prepare.

    This newsletter is also intended to inspire women of every age, to motivate and provide tools to aid the worthy quest of healthy agelessness.

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