October,  2008

Barbara Morris: How Much Skin to Show After Age 40 . . . and Cloris Leachman? Oh, My!

If you want to look hip, sexy, and keep up with the latest in style and beauty, visit FabulousAfter40.com. They send out daily fashion alerts and I always read them to see how far behind the times I am when it comes to fashion and glamour. 

Thanks to the site I realize that shoes I have been saving for 60 years are back in style. Not only that, but those 60-year old shoes that probably cost a hefty $30 are now going for $300 or more. Wow! Am I ever glad I'm a pack rat. That the shoes no longer fit doesn't matter. I have them in my possession.  Know what I mean?  

But on to the subject at hand. 

Recently, the Glam Gals (that's what they call themselves) who run FabulousAfter40.com asked "How much skin should we show after 40?"

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Mary Lloyd: How Greed Happens

We have two choices as the US economy convulses.  We can point fingers and blame the people most obviously at fault.  Or we can get serious about fixing it and admit our own part in this mess.  The first option is a victim role—easy and appealing because we’ve given victims an honored place for decades.  But it’s not the way out of this mess.  To really fix it, we need to understand what made it happen--rather than pointing to a specific “who”--and implement a system of checks and balances so it doesn’t happen again. 

This financial debacle is supported by a huge, stinking pile of greed.   Greed per Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary is “a selfish and excessive desire for more of something (as money) than is needed.”  Yep.  We are drowning in a sea of that.  It’s not just the sub-prime wizards who are guilty though. 

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Joyce Shafer: Be What It Is You Desire

Is the meaning of this article’s title clear to you? If yes, terrific; if not, you’ll appreciate some tips to assist you to not only understand it but put it into practice. 

What often happens to us is if we experience something once, we project that experience onto similar experiences . . . before they happen. We hear comments from people like, “Oh, I KNOW how THIS is going to go,” before it happens. Maybe we hear, “I said it would go like this,” or “I knew this would happen.” And the connection between anticipating a result and experiencing it is seldom or never made by the person. 

The fact is, we can’t control every event or how people behave. But if you’re going someplace or doing something and expect a bad experience, don’t be surprised when you get it.

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Leslie Charles: Avoiding the Agony of  De Feet

Cache or comfort? Style or sensibility? Bunions, hammertoes, and calluses are just a few of the insults we women suffer for the sake of fashion. Study a typical high heel shoe and there seems to be an assumption that women’s feet are not only unnaturally narrow, but our feet are symmetrical, with our middle toes being the longest. Give me a break! 

As an orthotics wearer for thirty years, I long ago gave up the idea of sexy shoes and opted instead for sensible ones. When I met Terri Lammers, an excellent orthotist and prosthetist in East Lansing, Michigan, she told me I had the “best” collection of shoes of any of her clients. Terri helped me take the next steps in knowing exactly what to look for in a shoe. 

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Links for October

Don't know what to wear or when to wear it? Sandy Dumont, the Image Architect, will help you decide what's appropriate. Check out the link to her quiz to test your fashion IQ. Then  check out the latest on Splenda causing weight gain (it has been called a pesticide by some scientists) . . .  and how about anti-aging perfume??

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If You Are an Aspiring or Struggling Author . . .

If You are an aspiring or struggling author you know how tough it can be to make any real impact (much less any real money) selling one copy of one publication to one buyer, whether a printed or electronic book or other publication you self-published or published traditionally. You've heard about the importance of expanding your product line and selling in bulk to companies, and while it's appealing to you, you don't have a clue where to start.

My long-time friend and colleague, Paulette Ensign, has developed a solution you'll love, going way beyond the tips booklets niche she's owned for almost two decades. It's PublishingProsperity.com

She and her hand-picked experts show how to create an entire info products line from a single product, how to sell and license tons of copies and content to companies, associations, and non-bookstores, and how to spend very little of your own money in the process. There's nothing else like this. Check it out right away at PublishingProsperity.com You'll be so glad you did.

"If you expect the best, you will be the best. Learn to use one of the most powerful laws in this world; change your mental habits to belief instead of disbelief. Learn to expect, not to doubt. In so doing, you bring everything into the realm of possibility."  -- Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

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